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Sat, 10 Jul 2004

Other methods of blogging

I've been trying to make my surfing more focused in an effort to save time. For a while I was using News If Free to keep up with various news sources. Then I recently discovered Bloglines which offers more versatility. Recently they overhauled the site and added the ability to compile your own blog, either from news items or manually. You can see mine here.

Via Bloglines I discovered Multiply. This combines blogging with social networking. You have 1GB of storage to store photos and articles that can be viewed either by everyone or by your circle of friends, colleagues etc. I've put a few bits up there and am waiting for someone to join my contacts. My page is here.

I like having this site to play with stuff like semantic web, but the other options allow quicker posting. I shall try to bring them together somehow. Bloglines has an RSS feed that I should be able to add to this site. Just need to work out how.

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