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Fri, 08 Oct 2004

Computer problems

My main PC that has been happily running Windows 2000 for a few years started playing up recently. It powers down whilst booting Windows and was taking several attempts to actually get it to a log-in. Once running it was still stable. I suspect the PSU may be playing up, but I could be wrong. Then this week it came up with a message saying that a Windows file is corrupt. I tried doing a repair from the CD, but that didn't fix it so, reluctantly, I re-installed. This is a pain as I will need to re-install all my other software and drivers. Or it could be an oportunity.

I've been thinking for ages about moving to Linux. Most of what I need (internet, word processing, home accounts) is freely available. It also opens up possibilities for playing with some interesting new technologies. I just need to ensure that all my data can be transferred across. There's also the issue of using my peripherals. I just bought a Canon printer that is not officilly supported in Linux, but I found a comment on a forum that suggest it might work. See my links.

I will still have at least one Windows PC in the house if I really need to run Windows software. The kids use one for web and some old games.

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