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Tue, 12 Oct 2004

Plink gives up

I had a button on my site linking to a site called Plink. All this site did was to read FoaF files and display the links between people and some of the other details in the files. Unfortunately the owner has had to take it down after getting complaints from people who objected to having their names on there. They are only there because someone they know has included them in their foaf file. It didn't give any personal details away. There's an explanation here.

Fortunately there are still sites like FoaFSpace and the FoaF Explorer linked from my name in the About block.

One of the things I'd like to play with on this site is generating the buttons and friend links down the right side from my FoaF file. This is what FoaF Explorer does. It involved me learning about XSLT to convert XML/RDF to HTML. I've had to learn a bit about XML for work lately, but it's useful stuff generally for understanding Semantic Web concepts.

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