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Mon, 25 Oct 2004

Really Simple CMS

I'd been thinking for a while of re-working the PFGM site from very basic HTML to something more maintainable. The old version was produced using the Mozilla editor. Most CMS like Postnuke are just too over the top for a simple site with mostly static content. Then I found CMSimple.

This uses PHP, but doesn't require a database. Infact it uses a single PHP file and all the content is stored in another file. There's a load of other files for things like the templates. Installation was just a matter of copying the files to the server and setting the appropriate attributes. Within an hour I had the basics of the site up and running and it can be seen here. I may play around with the templates to make it more individual, but the basics are all there. Once it's finished I'll set things up so that the domain points straight at it.

The saga of my poorly PC continues. Over the weekend I opened it up and removed large amounts of dust as well as modem and TV cards that were not in use. I re-seated the memory and some of the cables. Plugged it back in and it fired up first time! Unfortunately that may have been a fluke as it's back to it's old habits again now. As a stopgap I may move the drive to the current Linux box. It's slightly slower, but should be more reliable.

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