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Wed, 15 Sep 2004

Got Gmail?

A few months ago there was lots of fuss about Google introducing an email service with 1GB of storage. This was a lot more than anyone else was giving for free, but has since been matched by others. The idea is that you don't delete anything and can easily search it. It's still in beta testing and accounts are only available by invitation from existing user. I don't have many friends using it, but this week I heard about a site that was passing on spare invitations. It's here. Currently only 3 going spare, but there were several hundred this morning. I grabbed one there and have had a little play. Need to direct some mail there to try it out properly.

In other news today Amazon have formally announced their search service A9, It's based on Google, but adds a few features, like showing multiple results for text, images, books, films etc at the same time. Can also remember your searches if you want and store bookmarks. Another site that warrants some playing. I use Google anyway, so this should give the same results.

Finally, Firefox has almost reached version 1.0 and is available for preview. I've been using the earlier versions for a while and it just gets better. I rarely touch IE these days. I love having tabs, gestures and some of the other features that either come as standard or as easily added extensions. It's supposed to be safer than IE, so what are you waiting for?

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