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Mon, 05 Dec 2005


As I drove out of work today I thought something was a bit noisy. I pulled over and found that one of the rear tyres on my Zafira was very flat. So I proceeded to spend a merry half hour changing it. Being mounted externally the spare wheel is prone to theft so I had fitted a lock to protect mine. The problem it that it take a while to remore this bolt whilst holding up one of the rear seats. Got the job done and got home. Now I'll see if I can get it repaired as there's plenty of tread left. The fronts are a different story and I'm arranging to get those replaced by a mobile fitting company. They say they can repair as well. I'll report on how that goes.

I've been meaning to review the Zafira. It's a great car for the money. Seats seven in enough comfort for short journeys or can carry large loads. It doesn't have all the toys of the more expensive cars, but who needs them anyway? The 2 Litre diesel averages around 45mpg.

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