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Mon, 19 Dec 2005

Foo Fighters at Earl's Court

I've been listening to the Foo Fighters for a few years and have gradually acquired all their albums. It's not the most challenging listening, but they make a great noise. There's some nice acoustic work on the latest album. At this gig they were supported by Eagles of Death Metal and The Futureheads. The former I had heard of in relation to Queens of the Stone Age, but I don't know their material. This show didn't help much on that front as the sound quality was not brilliant. Dave Grohl joined them on drums for the last song. He really hits those skins hard. The Futureheads I knew from their cover of Hounds of Love and a couple of other songs. They made a nice enough noise and the crowd seemed to like them.

The Foos came on about 8:40. The stage consisted of piles of old amplifiers behind them and some screens hanging from the roof. They hardly used the screens to show the band on stage, mostly they had some random video stuff. They did have some great green lasers that lit the place up. Their set consisted of a mix of tracks from their ten year history. Again the sound was lacking. At times Dave's vocals got lost in the mix, but then the crowd knew all the words. They only did one of the 'acoustic' trackes, Cold Day in the Sun, with drummer Taylor Hawkins and Grohl swapping places. Grohl also did a partly solo Everlong. He must be hoarse and exhousted after a show as he was shouting and running aboutthe whole time. He even made his way through the standing crowd to swap guitar licks from the sound desk.

I would rate it as a fair gig. If the sound had been better it would have been more fun.

This was our second gig at the Court after Radiohead. Last time we had a nice meal in the Pizza Express, but this time they were only serving take-aways.

Whilst we were in town we had a wander around Harrods. There are some obscenely priced items there. Anyone who can spend 3000 on a pen should find a more worthy outlet for their spending. The Egyption themed areas are fairly impressive, but the Diana and Dodi memorial is one of the tackiest things I've seen in a while. I did have a brief drool over some of the big TVs. They were showing some High Definition clips, which was my first exposure to it. It does look very nice on a big screen, but I don't see us having it at home for a few years. We don't feel the need to pay for extra TV channels and it will be a while before it's available on something like Freeview.

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