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Wed, 21 Dec 2005

USA Sees Sense!

It often worries me that a religious extremist is running the most powerful country on our planet. Anyone who thinks that 'god' is on their side is dangerous as they could do anything.

Luckily there are still forces there who see sense. Their constitution declares that church and state should stay separate, although their money praises the deity. A court has just ruled that 'Intelligent Design' cannot be taught alongside evolution as science. Hooray!

It seems that some people do not understand what theory means in science. It means something that explains what we see and has been tested. Even gravity is a theory and most people believe in that. ID can be considered a theory in the context of 'seeming like a good idea to some people'. It's impossible to prove or test and so is not science.

The BBC have more details.

If you want to understand evolution better then I would recommend reading some books by Richard Dawkins.

Here endeth the lesson.

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