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Sun, 20 Feb 2005

Lack of updates

There's been some issues with the web server lately. It was relocated and in the process suffered a disk problem. So it's all been re-installed and gradually Lance is getting everything working again. Meanwhile I have yet to sort out secure FTP from Linux, so can only update from Windows. I need to do some more reading on SafeTP. I also ought to have another go at getting the web form for blog entries working.

I have just added Sweden to the list of visited countries in my foaf file. Maybe one day I'll make it to some of the other continents I haven't been to yet.

I recently made my first contribution to the wonderful Wikipedia. I spotted a mistake in the Keysigning entry. Since then I've set up a proper account on there so that further changes will be credited to me. I have my own entry there now. Yet another steevc page on the web. Googling that name returns lots of results for me on the first page.

I'm still awaiting my first guestbook entry. The PFGM one has had one comment, plus a couple of spams. It's always nice to get some feedback on what I do. On the other hand I know this site is just a vanity project. Nobody is going to come here for the latest news. My Multiply page is doing slightly better. I'm growing a community of acquaintances there.

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