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Thu, 23 Jun 2005

Pre-history of Bag of Spoons

Whilst reading about the new servers at the Internet Archive I thought I would check out what they had for my site. The results were interesting. They go right back to my early html fumblings of 3 years ago. I had forgotten some of that stuff.

At some point I am going to dump out all the stuff from my old Postnuke site into some sort of text/html so I can include it here for completeness. It's for my own reference even if nobody else reads it.

Coming up to date, I read this article at Leigh Dodds' site about giving people access to all your various web feeds. He's written a little generator to produce data for a FOAF. My first attempt did not work in the FOAF Explorer you can access from the top of the page, but after a short email discussion with Leigh I sorted this out. My FOAF now includes some details of sites I am registered on and RSS feeds from them. These are the same feeds I have on the site itself, but in a more semantic web friendly form.

I also found Blogdigger which lets you combine multiple feeds, but I haven't worked it all out yet. I'd prefer to do something on my own site so that I have control.

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