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Wed, 09 Aug 2006


I heard a story on the radio news whilst away about a fake psychic conning people out of their money. Could give those real psychics a bad name. I would expect better of the BBC, but then Steve Wright gives over a fair bit of his show to an astrologer. Meanwhile, loony preachers condemn mathematics as non-Christian. That's the attitude that held up human development for a few hundred years. Mind you, the muslims, hindus and other 'heathens' invented a fair bit of mathematics.

Whatever happened to the Age of Reason?

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Happy Campers

Just back from a spot of camping up in Northumberland, near Haltwhistle, centre of Britain. Stayed on a very nice C&CC site. Checked out the Roman remains at Vindolanda as well as Hadrian's Wall itself. We had some wet days there, but I bet it was much worse for the Romans in the depths of winter. Another visitor to the camp site was Mick Aston of Time Team fame. We left him to enjoy his holiday, but I'm sure he got the odd autograph request.

We then went on to Edinburgh, via a brief stop at Roslyn Chapel. I first became aware of it when reading a certain well-known book, but it's enjoyable enough as a piece of craftmanship in stone. It's currently covered by a temporary roof to help dry out the structure. This allows you to climb up and view the upper features.

We were visiting family in Edinburgh, but it just happened to be Festival and Fringe time. We saw a couple of kids' shows and Rich Hall. He was pretty funny having a go at the US 'War on Terror' (to be followed by campaigns againt wistfulness and uncertainty). We also did some walking there, including an ascent of Arthur's Seat.

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