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Sat, 16 Dec 2006

Deskstar in a Coma

Many years ago I decided to upgrade the 8GB drive in my PC to something bigger. I went for a 46GB IBM Deskstar. Probably cost about £200 at the time. This worked happily for many years, but did get a bit flakey in later life, so I replaced it with a massive 250GB that cost about a quarter as much. I also bought an external USB drive case from ebuyer. I used this to copy data off some older drives, but when I tried the Deskstar it didn't seem to recognise it. The drive case is made by Safecom. It's basic, but was fairly cheap. I just had a look at the buyers' comments here and found one by Ron Hope suggesting that for a Deskstar you should ignore the jumpers settings to set master/slave etc and just remove the jumpers. The manual said the drive had to be set to master. That got it working straight away. So thanks Ron and perhaps people will find this article if they have similar problems.

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