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Wed, 20 Dec 2006

Haven't the Foggiest

There's been a little bit of mist/fog about in the mornings this week. Some people seem to think that this means they must have their fog lights on. The Highway Code is quite clear on this. Fog lights (front and rear) are only to be used when visibility is 'seriously reduced', i.e. when people other drivers would not be able to see you clearly otherwise. I have emailed the local radio stations in the vain home that they might mention this on their traffic reports when they are saying there is fog about.

Don't get me started on those people who always have their front fogs on to try and intimidate others. And what is it with those who drive around with front fogs and side lights? Trying to make up for their general dimness?

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Who needs Windows?

I've been running my main PC on Linux for about 18 months now and don't miss Windows at all. I still have 98 on the second PC, but only so the kids can play some simple games, and use XP at work. I quite often find that I miss certain Linux facilities when using XP, but rarely the other way around. I've seen all the hype about Vista, but there's nothing that really grabs me. Why should I pay hundreds of pounds for something that will place so many restrictions on what I can do? It's possible to get all the 3D tricks on Linux if you want them and have the necessary hardware.

Ubuntu has served me very well. Almost all the software I need can be easily installed from their repositories. They also have have friendly forums (fora?). I still need to work out how to do a few things, like transferring home video to DVD, but I'm generally happy. I still don't think it's suitable for everyone. Games will be an issue for the forseeable future, but I don't play them.

In some cases Linux can be easier to install than Windows. I am tempted to try installing something lightweight, like Xubuntu, on an old PC I have to see if it could be made useful.

What I could do with is a more powerful PC. My old Duron 1200 is getting on and I have to wait a while for some things to run. I've put out some requests for certain items that would let me upgrade this PC to keep it running a while longer. To use the nice new stuff, like dual-core processors will mean starting from scratch. A faster CPU, some more memory and a graphics card could transform what I have without costing a fortune. If my request on Freecycle gets answered it may even cost nothing as people may have them hanging around after they upgraded. I have my own pile of old hardware that I have offered, but there are no takers yet. Some of it may have to be dumped, but I will re-use what I can.

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