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Mon, 06 Feb 2006

Book:33 1/3 Led Zeppelin 4 by Erik Davis 3/5

The name of this book cannot be properly written in ASCII text as it actually consists of the four runes that appear on this classic album. Technically the album doesn't have any name, but it seems the band felt they could sell millions without any writing on the outer cover.

I must confess I don't actually own a copy, but my sister did. I have a few other LZ vinyl albums, but don't have anything set up to play them on. I'm not sure my kids have ever used a 'record player'.

This small book is an extended essay about the 'meaning' of the album. It delves into the obsessions of the band, especially Jimmy Page's with the occult. It proposes various theories about each song and how, together, they tell a story. He also writes about those who think it is a work of 'evil', full of satanic messages, some recorded backwards.

On the other hand, it may just be a great rock album, but there's tracks on other albums that I prefer to some of these. Stairway to Heaven has acquired a status way beyond it's musical quality, but I'm not above playing in on my guitar now and then. Mr Page still rates as one of the best rock guitarists in my opinion.

The book is a brief, but fairly interesting read. For more details of the band's depraved lifestyles see Hammer of the Gods

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The Healing Drum

Lately the whole family have been suffering from colds and infections. I nearly didn't go to the latest Secret Bass session, but I was eager to hear about Malcolm's African adventure. Once I was drumming I seemed to forget about my cold and aches. I'm not a believer in things mystical, but it seemed to do me some good, at least for the duration of the session. Eleven of us there, dwindling to four by the time I left. There were a few new rhythms to try out and lots of pictures to see.

When I got home I had another go at some multi-track recording. I've been playing with Audacity, but last time I tried it I had problems. It turned out that by switching to mono recording I had encountered a know issue with tracks after the first breaking up. I found some comments on the Ubuntu forums that put me right.You can hear the results here. Not that impressive I know, but it's a start.

I've been following the current news about the outrage in the Muslim world over some cartoons. I've not seen them, but can they really be that bad? Surely a few pictures cannot be worth people dying for. I suspect that people with extreme agendas are using it as another excuse to attack the 'west'.

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