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Sun, 29 Jan 2006

Big Garden Birdwatch 2006

First of all a happy new year to my Chinese readers.

We just took part in this event for the RSPB. It involved counting the different birds that we saw in our garden during an hour. We spotted 11 different types (blackbird, blue tit, chaffinch, collared dove, dunnock, great tit, greenfinch, house sparrow, robin, starling and fieldfare). Not bad, but I might have expected to see a couple more that we regularly get here. There were a few others like gulls and rooks that flew over, but these were not to be counted if they didn't land in the garden.

I enjoy being able to keep an eye on the local wildlife whilst sitting in my study at the computer. Sometimes we get something as exciting as a squirrel or hedgehog. Not exactly the Serengeti, but at least we see some wildlife.

I was out yesterday exploring the 'forest canopy' when I did some major to our apple trees. Anyone want some firewood?

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