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Mon, 27 Mar 2006

Rock and Roll

I don't get to as many gigs as I would like to, but last night I went to Club 85 in Hitchin. This was primarily to see my friend Simon play bass with Kandida. Unfortunately the gig was not very well attended. The venue is pretty good with a big stage and quality equipment, but does not seem to attract many people for some original music on a Sunday night.

First up was a solo singer playing some very nice acoustic guitar and singing some humorous songs about the quirks of life. I managed to miss his name.

Next were Kandida. They played a very good set of pop/rock. Some elements of country and folk mixed in there somewhere. Very tight and some nice vocal harmonies. I expect I'll be seeing them again some time. I had a good chat with them beforehand and got roped in to take some pictures of the gig. So I can now add 'rock photographer' to my CV. I hope they turn out well. It's quite hard to get atmospheric shots as flash makes it too bright and turning it off makes it hard to get sharp shots.

Finally we had Simon Scardanelli. He played a pretty earnest set. Good voice and really attacks his guitar. He had to put up with some abuse from a few people for being so serious, but didn't seem too phased.

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