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Mon, 09 Oct 2006

Spammed to death

I get a fair bit of spam. As I have my own domain I'm a bigger target than most individuals. I've avoided some of it by directing some standard addresses that I don't use to a black hole address. I still get a lot to my personal address. I can't be sure where this has been taken from, but I suspect that someone may have scanned the PGP public key directories. The mail server I use is running filters that pick up most of the spam and tag it as such, so I can easily filter it. I just have some issues with Kmail filters on my IMAP email. Basically it insists on marking the non-spam as being read, so it's hard to pick up on what is new.

A more recent problem is that the spammers are faking addresses from my domain in the From. So I am getting lots of emails bounced back at me now. One of these days it will become impossible to use legitimate email as nothing will get past the filters.

Meanwhile, I've been continuing my open mapping efforts. The map of Arlesey is coming along nicely, but I haven't found time to get out and do all the minor roads. I've been too busy building new shelves in the study and gardening. This week I have the PFGM AGM and a Herts LUG meeting.

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