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Thu, 19 Apr 2007

Catch the car crooks

According to the BBC less than half of drivers caught on speed and traffic light cameras get fines and points. A third cannot be traced. Surely it is more important to catch that third than to just put up more cameras. If they can get away with speeding then they are likely to not be paying insurance or road tax either. I begrudge having to subsidise them. I bet that a fair few have false number plates and so someone else may get the blame for their offences. Perhaps if they are detected more than once on a given route then the police could go out and trap them. The roads are dangerous enough without these idiots.

I've never been done for speeding myself and am unlikely to be as I don't speed. I'm more concerned about cutting my fuel consumption so I drive up and down the A1(M) at around 65mph. A lot of people overtake me, but I still pass a few and it all evens out at the regular slow points, so I don't think it costs me more than a couple of minutes on my journey. It's generally less stressful than trying to drive fast. If you want thrills then get them away from the public roads.

I've just seen a separate story about turning pig fat into diesel. Another crap idea from the oil industry and not appealing to a non-meateater like myself. The meat industry itself uses vast amounts of energy and the animals emit huge quantities of greenhouse gases. The whole biofuels from plants idea is not viable either. We should be growing food to feed the world rather than to keep our cars going and there just isn't enough land to grow enough fuel for everyone.

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