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Wed, 29 Aug 2007

More Book Reviews

I'm still logging my reading on my booklist. You can see the latest listed down the right side of my page. I've managed over a dozen so far this year, which is good going for me. I still have a backlog to get through. We have a 'library' at work of books people no longer want and that has provided a couple of reads for me. I'm generally into not buying so much stuff these days, so that is perfect for my needs. The problem is that I am less inclined to get rid of my own books, but I ought to clear the shelves a bit. If I'm honest then there are plenty that I will never read again, but there will be some that I can imagine re-reading. Besides, Tanya likes to re-read things like the Pratchetts and the kids may read them one day. I like the idea of minimalist living, but my hoarding instinct is stronger.

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