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Mon, 23 Jul 2007

There is another

When I rebuilt my PC I transferred the old parts to the system that my kids use. They have been running Win98, mainly so they can run some old edutainment titles. I tried getting 98 to use the new hardware properly, but have not had much joy with it. So I decided it was time they got a proper OS. I thought about installing Ubuntu, but why not try something slightly different?

Mepis looked interesting. I had a live DVD that I booted up in the QEMU virtual PC. Mepis comes with a lot of stuff that I would want already installed such as Real, Flash and Nvidia drivers. I had to download the latest ISO as the other PC does not have a DVD drive. It booted up fine and worked pretty well as a live CD. I just had a few issues with the install program. It seems to get confused if you try and run anything else whilst it's running. The window does not refresh. It seemed to be taking ages to format the old 8GB drive, but did eventually manage it. There were only a few options to go through before the actual install. The choice of locale may confuse people as it just gives the abbreviations, e.g. en-gb and (I think). When that finished I rebooted and..... nothing. It POSTs, shows the usual BIOS stuff, then just sits there. Booting up the live CD showed that the OS stuff seemed to be all there. I did opt not to have GRUB, but I didn't think I would need it if I wasn't going to dual boot. So what could be wrong? I may try to install again and include GRUB.

My plan for the edutainment stuff is to install Win98 in QEMU, or possibly VirtualBox on the main PC. It can be handy to have a Windows system available once in a while. I have the old laptop with W2K, but that doesn't come out very often.

I had a go at sorting my Canon inkjet yesterday. I took the print head out and tried several cycles of soaking it to try and clear the black nozzles. It's slightly better now, but I may have to try something more extreme. I was going by this guide.

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