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Mon, 11 Jun 2007

Another Gig

Following our success at Little Berks the agents of Secret Bass made their second appearance of the year at Hertford Fun day. This was a bigger event in nice surroundings. It went pretty well. The first of our two sets had a few mistakes, but the audience may not have noticed. The second was much better. I got to play the big dun dun drums on one of the songs. I find I don't really get nervous at these events. I just sing and play as best I can and hope people enjoy it. It might be difference if money were involved and I would definitely be more nervous if I were playing guitar as mistakes tend to be more obvious.

Malcolm has more images and words on the event.

I've made slight progress on my recording studio. A friend gave me an old DJ mixer that I can use as a microphone pre-amp and to switch between different signals. I've played some more with Jokosher, but it needs more work before it's stable enough for serious use. I also had a brief play with the Hydrogen drum machine. This looks like great fun and is simple to use. I just need to learn how to make decent drum patterns that I can use as a backing.

I've also ordered the parts for my new PC that should arrive today! More new on this later.

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