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Wed, 02 May 2007

Map of the Intarwebs

This is just brilliant. XKCD is one of my favourite comics. He's not the greatest artist, but I love the geekiness. I don't get all the references on this one. Here's an interview with the creator.

I also enjoy Dilbert, because it reminds me of where I work, and Userfriendly, because it looks like the kind of place I would like to work.

Musical geekiness in the form of music decoded from carvings at Rosslyn Chapel. Sounds okay. I'll accept for now that it may really have come from the carvings. I was at Rosslyn last year and it is pretty amazing. Religion has inspired a lot of incredible art, but that still doesn't mean it's true. And then there's Dan Brown. I watched part of a programme last night that dismissed a lot of the stuff behind his Angels and Demons. As my good wife says, "It's fiction!". I was taken by Da Vinci Code when I first read it, but it's not great writing. His earlier books are worse. We can be sure that his next book will break all records, and he has spawned a whole industry of books, tours, documentaries etc. Everyone loves a conspiracy.

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