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Tue, 01 Sep 2009

Summer holidays

Our summer holiday this year was a couple of weeks at Camping Village L'Atlantique in southern Brittany. We had a ready-erected tent from Vacansoleil. As well as not having to take all our camping gear this also meant that we got proper beds and a fridge. It's a great site for families with a set of pools with slides and the beach a few minutes walk away. The weather was good enough for us to be in the water almost every day. We were in the sea a lot, which was very clear and made for some fun snorkeling.

Once we were there we didn't use the car much as you can explore a lot of the area via cycle tracks. I do quite enough driving anyway. I don't speak much French, but had enough to get by in restaurants.

A couple of bonuses on this trip were an afternoon at Portsmouth before we caught the ferry exploring the old ships and then there was a little festival near the campsite where we saw some local musicians as well as a great English/Irish/French folk band I'd never heard of called Churchfitters. We liked them so much we bought their album.

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