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Fri, 16 Apr 2010


We decided a while back hat we'd like to get some chickens, partly as pets and also for the eggs. We're not meat eaters, so their ultimate fate is uncertain. We have a large garden with plenty of room for a big run. Before we built the new house there used to be a big chicken house here that was used by my wife's grandparents, but we had to demolish it.

It took a few weeks to build a run with strong mesh buried in the ground to deter foxes. I converted our old wooden playhouse into a coop, rained on a platform made from some decking that used to be our front door ramp. I didn't have to buy much materials due to having lots of wood and other bits lying around.

We're fortunate to have a very good poultry supplier a couple of miles away at Thorne's. They do lots of fancy breeds, but we went for hybrids who are better for eggs. They were very helpful there in advising us on what to do. We picked up our birds this week. We went for a selection of breeds, including one that lays green and blue eggs. So far the older two have been laying an egg per day each. The other two have not started laying yet as they are a bit younger. When egg production ramps up we'll start supplying a few friends.

The kids are still enthusiastic about this project and have been doing some feeding and cleaning out. Let's see if they can sustain that.

Chickens settling in
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