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Thu, 16 Mar 2006

Wide Open Spaces

I just splashed out on a 250GB drive for my main PC. I was thinking back about previous drives I've had. The first computer I had with a hard drive was my Amiga 1200. I think it had a 2.5" 130MB. I upgraded that to a 3.5" 1.3GB that had to sit outside the computer case and I powered everything from a salvaged PC power supply. Then I got my first PC with an 8GB that got swapped for a 46GB IBMS 'Deathstar'. These had a reputation for problems, but mine has worked for a good few years now before starting to get some errors.

The new drive got a fresh install of Kubuntu Linux. I've ended up with one huge partition that uses Logical Volume Management (LVM). This should allow me to change my partitions without breaking the system. I want to break this down to separate data from the OS, but that's for when I get everything else working.

Installing Kubuntu should get me back to what I achieved before by a more roundabout route, but I'm having a few issues. I added some essentials with EasyKubuntu, but that didn't seem to do all it should. I have sound working generally, but Amarok is not playing anything yet.

I also bought myself an external hard drive case so that I could retrieve data from the old drive over USB, but the system is not seeing that drive at all. Maybe I'll have to connect the drive to the IDE and read it that way, but I would like to be able to use the external drive for backup.

Setting everything up from scratch is a bit of a pain. I'm trying to log all I do for next time. If I got the other drive connected I could copy settings across, but as some of those may be a mess I may not bother with all of them.

I was tempted to install the beta of the next Ubuntu/Kubuntu (Dapper Drake), but I'm a bit wary of trusting my system to it, especially as the release is likely to postponed for more 'polishing' (the cleaning up sort, not translation to that language).

Other people in the LUG have been pushing Arch, but I'm not sure I want a complete change just now. Maybe I'll try it as a dual boot or in a virtual machine.

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