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Sun, 01 Nov 2009

Up - 3D

The posters for this film seem to have been around all year, but today we actually saw it. This is the first 3D film I've seen at the cinema. I remember seeing some 3D western on TV as a kid and my daughter has a Barbie DVD with a 3D version. Both used coloured filters as these are the only way to do it with a conventional TV without extra hardware. The current crop of 3D films in cinemas use polarised glasses that do not affect the colours. Sky are experimenting with 3D TV, but that will require a new TV. We still have a CRT (very nice Toshiba), but may consider a flat panel when we can get HD Freeview. I'm not considering 3D at home for now.

After the usual boring adverts we were instructed to don our glasses and had a couple of trailers for other animated films (Christmas Carol and Battle for Terra). Both had lots of 3D content such as spaceships or snowflakes. The effect is startling at times with objects appearing to come out of the screen. At other times they just give more depth to the image, but there is sometimes more of an impression of layers.

Before up we had the usual Pixar short. This one was called Partly Cloudy, a cute, wordless story about storks delivering babies that they get from living clouds.

Up itself is a poignant tale of an old man who feels he has not had the adventures that he and his late wife had planned. The sequence that shows them meeting and growing old together is quite touching. Events inspire him to take an adventurous trip to South America by attaching balloons to his house. He accidentally takes a boy scout along with him and they have lots of adventures that I won't spoil. There are plenty of laughs and thrills along the way. The animation is amazing as always. It doesn't aim for total realism, but some shots look very natural. The 3D is fairly subtle with not too much thrusting of objects towards the 'camera'. Pixar always seem to come up with the goods. Original stories, quality animation and a lack of slushy sentimentality. You should see this film.

Going to the cinema at peak times is getting very expensive. It was £36 for the four of us, but I think there is a premium for the 3D films. There was some confusion over whether we were to keep the glasses. Apparently we can use them again and get a discount, but some ended up in their recycling bin. If you buy food there it soon adds up, but I expect that they hope 3D will attract more people. It certainly seemed fairly busy there this afternoon.

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