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Sun, 09 May 2010

Paranoid Android

I'm not a big mobile phone user, but I do like to consolidate my mobile gadgets. My last attempt at the perfect mobile was a bit of a compromise and didn't work out as well as I hoped. The Benq E72 was cheap, but limited. Operating complex apps without a touch screen was clunky and the proprietary USB audio connector made it tricky to use in the car. I was also still having to use the old Acer n35 as a GPS/navigation device.

I'd been admiring phones based on Google's Android operating system, but most were cost more than I wanted to spend. The HTC Tattoo seemed to offer all the features I wanted at a good price. It actually cost about what I paid at the time for my Palms. It compromises on screen resolution and touch screen technology, but I decided it would still do what I wanted.

It took a while to get the phone as the supplier didn't seem to have stock, but after I called them it was immediately shipped via France and Germany. It's smaller than other smartphones, but that makes it a good size for my pocket. The screen is perfectly usable and readable. So far I love it. I splashed out on a protective sleeve and screen protector to keep it safe. It's working great as a podcast player in the car, but I do need to get a holder to place it somewhere conveniently in reach. There's loads of free and cheap apps available. Some I have tried so far are:

I'm looking into apps for navigation. AndNav uses OpenStreetmap data, but I've not used it yet. I also want something to let me contribute back to OSM.

I'm not a big mobile data user. I don't spend that much time away from either wifi or my home PC. My Virgin PAYG scheme allows me to get data on any given day for 30p, but that's limited to just 25MB. I guess that's enough for a bit of tweeting, email and basic browsing. I could get 1GB/month for a fiver, but I just don't see me using it too often.

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