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Wed, 06 Jun 2007


Another cracker from XKCD. You need to click it for a bigger version. I have one minor issue with this site. It always has a piece of text for the image that you see as a tooltip. In Firefox it displays as a single line and sometimes gets truncated so I have to view the page source to see it all. In IE it gets wrapped to all fit in a box. Is there any way to tell Firefox to show it all?

Listening to Radio 3 this morning I heard part of Vivaldi's Four Seasons played by Red Priest. This was great fun with incredible lead recorder playing. Another one for the wish list.

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Wed, 02 May 2007

Map of the Intarwebs

This is just brilliant. XKCD is one of my favourite comics. He's not the greatest artist, but I love the geekiness. I don't get all the references on this one. Here's an interview with the creator.

I also enjoy Dilbert, because it reminds me of where I work, and Userfriendly, because it looks like the kind of place I would like to work.

Musical geekiness in the form of music decoded from carvings at Rosslyn Chapel. Sounds okay. I'll accept for now that it may really have come from the carvings. I was at Rosslyn last year and it is pretty amazing. Religion has inspired a lot of incredible art, but that still doesn't mean it's true. And then there's Dan Brown. I watched part of a programme last night that dismissed a lot of the stuff behind his Angels and Demons. As my good wife says, "It's fiction!". I was taken by Da Vinci Code when I first read it, but it's not great writing. His earlier books are worse. We can be sure that his next book will break all records, and he has spawned a whole industry of books, tours, documentaries etc. Everyone loves a conspiracy.

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Thu, 19 Jan 2006

Best ever blonde joke?

I just got it. Check it out here.
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Wed, 03 Aug 2005

Spam can be fun

Spam to my email is almost all being filtered by the server. What reaches me is usually tagged as such and so can be easily redirected. Sometimes I check what's come in before I delete it and there are some gems. One had this lot hidden as white text:

His brothers purple eraser stands-still and still our children purple noisy shining tv is thinking.
The slopy carpet calculates.
His brothers red mouse got an idea.
A given bluish cat looks around.
Any round-shaped underwares makes sound as soon as their round silver book arrives.
Any noisy exam book snores as soon as a given soft odd shaped caw got an idea.
Our well-crafted recycle bin lies.
His silver spoon stares.
A odd shaped laptop fidgeting.
Her daughters noisy hairy ipaq fidgeting.
Any given soft spoon looks around at the place that the hairy stupid book show its value while our round-shaped dog calculates as soon as a given odd shaped purple tv run.
Their soft recycle bin arrives and still their stupid house lies.
Any stupid picture run as soon as a little slopy pensil stinks.
Any white mp3 player fidgeting.
Her stupid kitchen stands-still or maybe a given golden silver bed arrives.
A given white table calms-down.
Her green dog lies or maybe whose round fancy t-shirt stands-still.
Any small carpet walks.
Her little door lies.
His brothers slopy baby makes sound.
Her round-shaped dog looks around.
Mine little sport shoes falls however, a given well-crafted odd shaped clock lies.
A given shining round spoon fidgeting or maybe her silver boots spit or his brothers white pensil calculates.
Her stupid cat stinks.
Our soft white underwares adheres.
The fancy soda sleeps.
Any given white camera arrives as soon as the small green cat looks around or maybe our children stupid eraser is angry.

Another started:

My Lordship/Friend,
Calvary greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,IamEvangelist Esther Dominick, a widow to Late Mike Dominick. I am 70years old; I am now a new Christian convert, suffering from long time cancer of the breast. From all indications, my condition is really deteriorating and is quite obvious that I may not live more than six months, because the cancer stage has gotten to a very severe stage.
My late husband was killed during the Gulf war, and during the period of our marriage we had a son who was also killed in a cold blood during the Gulf war.
My late husband was very wealthy and after his death, I inherited all his business and wealth. My personal physician told me that I may not live for more than six months and I am so scared about this.

It then goes on to offer me the chance of lots of money. Yeah, right! I guess someone must fall for this crap.

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Tue, 21 Sep 2004

Aren't relationships fun?

This may be old news, but yesterday I found the site Things my girlfriend and I have argued about. Let's just say there's a certain resonance. It made Tanya laugh too.
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Thu, 12 Aug 2004

Ugly gardens of Bedford

The things people put on their web sites. Here's someone who's driven around my home town commenting on the state of some peoples' front gardens. Actually, he makes some funny comments that made us laugh. We recognised a few of them. Hope nobody sues him.
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