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Mon, 28 Jun 2004

Back off!

I have to drive nearky 40 miles to work each day. That's about 30 miles on the A1M and the rest on London's dual carriageways. Generally it's an easy enough drive with most people showing consideration, but there's always a few who can't go as quick as they would like. On the way home today I had two occaisions when I was overtaking and someone came right up close behind me. I'm talking less than 5m, at 60-70mph. SO I slow down. If they had stayed back I would have overtaken quicker and moved over, but these people really annoy me. They are going to kill someone one day.

I keep thinking of making up a sticker for the back window saying "I slow down for tailgaters", but I'm not sure my better half would approve. I think there should be a national campaign on this to change attitudes. People should not be trying to bully others out of the way on the road.

I just needed to get that off my chest

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