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Wed, 14 Sep 2005

Burn baby, burn

Five years on we have another round of fuel protests in the UK. The current prices may be partly due to Hurricane Katrina, but they were creeping up anyway. So now we see people queing for petrol everywhere. I filled up the Zafira on Monday, but only when I found an Esso with no queue. I should be okay for a week or so now.

You would think with prices nearing 1/Litre people might slow down a bit to use less, but that does not seem to be the case. I'm trying to reduce my usage a bit by keeping my speed down a little and being more aware of how much pressure I use on the accelerator. We will see if I can improve on my usual figures of around 48mpg. I like the fact that I can easily get over 500 miles on a tank.

I'm still waiting for affordable cars that give much better economy. Maybe the latest hybrid cars like the Prius will get more popular if fuel prices keep rising. I know most of the UK price is tax, but that's unlikely to change much.

My theory about people speeding is that they do it because it is easy and they are unlikely to get caught. Modern cars can cruise at high speed and are so quiet that it doesn't feel that fast. You have to go really fast for it to feel exciting. Don't get me started on those noisy exhausts that seem to get fitted to every 'hot hatch'. I've even seem them on people carriers.

Speed cameras do not make much difference as most people know where they are or they buy gadgets to tell them. I wonder if there will ever be widespread use of technology to check your speed over long distances, e.g. sets of cameras on the motorway that log your registration number and make sure you don't get to the next one too quickly. It's all possible, but there are implications for privacy when everyone's number is logged.

I just find it ironic that a lot of the time speeding makes very little difference to journey time. On my commute I often catch up with drivers who zoomed past me earlier and have hit traffic. I'll keep driving for economy.

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