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Fri, 08 Dec 2006


One of the pet hates of motorists over the last few years has been the use of wheel clamps and the extortionate fees charged for getting them removed. Up until now we have been unaffected, but this week it caught up with us.

My other half went shopping in Stevenage with a friend. They parked in the free carpark by the cinema, intending to use one of the restaurants there later. When they got back with the shopping they had been clamped. They obviously look out for people parking and walking away then pounce, without giving those people any opportunity to remove their cars. Of course they charged a lot to remove it. As it's private land there doesn't seem to be much chance of appealing. It would be easier against a council.

I can appreciate that carpark owners do not want their spaces taken up by people who are not spending their money there, but this response seems to be totally out of proportion. We will not be going to that cinema or the nearby restaurants again in the near future and will let them know this. Bedford and Hatfield are not much further away. If either of my readers is likely to go there then I hope they heed this warning.

I needed to get that out of my system. Meanwhile, I've managed to read a fair few books this year. I've been inspired to re-read my Douglas Adams collection. I've just completed the Hitchhiker 'trilogy'. I'm not really reviewing them, but I'm logging them all on my book list. The Amazon links will all contribute to the school if you use them. I'm hoping that my affiliate links will raise a few quid from Xmas shopping.

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