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Thu, 04 Nov 2010

Easy does it

As previously reported I recently did what I would consider my first proper bit of multi-track recording in order to contribute to the Six String Bliss Trans Genred album. The theme was covers, but in a different style. I'd played Easy by The Commodores a couple of times at my pub sessions, sometimes on ukulele and thought it might work. I didn't have the time to put together a proper backing track, but my friend Jan found some midi files from which I took the bass and drums. The rest is me on all vocals, ukulele and guitar. It took a few hours to do as I was learning the applications as I went along. The Zoom H4 has been great. The microphones are perfectly good enough and it's pretty simple to use. Just plug into the USB and click a couple of options to activate. I could have used the internal effects, but thought it would be better to add them later on the PC. I ended up just using some reverb on the lead vocal. The drums and bass had some reverb added by the soft synth.

So here it is:

Easy by steevc

I can find lots of issues with it. The timing is bad in a few places, the drums sound distant and the ending is not great. The midi file went on a bit longer and I just chopped it off there. But, people have said nice things about it on the show and on the forum. It didn't sound quite so bad when I mixed it on my PC speakers, but they were hiding a lot. I'm now convinced of the need for proper monitor speakers. That may be my next studio acquisition.

So what should I record next? I'm thinking I should try some electric guitar. I need to work out the best way to record that. I also want to so my own drum tracks. I may look at collaborating with others, so I can stand a chance of completing some tracks in my limited free time. I'm not expecting to go professional, but this is fun. If others get enjoyment from my music then that's a bonus.

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