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Sat, 24 Dec 2011

A fairly musical year

In 2011 I performed and recorded a fair amount of music. I've not been to the Plough session since January as I just got out of the habit. As previously mentioned, I have started an Arlesey session. I hope to build that into something bigger next year. I know there are a lot of musicians around, but it's a matter getting them down there on a convenient night. I may have to step up the promotional efforts a bit. We went along to the community concert this week. That consisted of the Stotfold Salvation Army band, a Letchworth choir and a few performers from the village. Perhaps we can organise more locals for next year.

The pub session has put me in touch with a few more musicians and I've also met a very good bassist via Bandmix. We've jammed a couple of times and may do something in future. I really want to find some sort of musical project that will challenge me without taking up too much family time. A few gigs would be cool.

I do feel that my guitar playing has moved on a few steps in the last few years through the band, the pub jams and through generally just playing a lot at home. I often just pick up a guitar and jam for an hour or so. I'm trying to focus my practice a bit more lately by actually learning some tunes and working on a blues course I bought.

A lot of my recording efforts have been centred around the wonderful < a href=>Six String Bliss community. I sang on two collaborations. Coz I Luv You was a Slade cover for The British Are Coming album by several UK based forum members.

Cuppa Soup - Coz I Luv You by steevc

Hey You was a spontaneous project by about 9 of us scattered around the world. Jan did some great production to make it sound pretty professional.

Comfortably Dumb - Hey You by steevc

I did a solo track for the latest album, Guilty Pleasures. This was a pretty simple effort with minimal instruments. I must be getting better as this only took around an hour to record.

Duelling Benfords by steevc

I've done a few other tracks that are on my SoundCloud. Most have been fairly simple, but I want to do something more ambitious. There is another 6SB album due in April, but I want to try other songs to build my skills. I have just about all the gear I should need, including a Peavey bass from Martin on the 6SB forum. Of course there will always be other stuff I want, but this should not be holding me back. I need to overcome my natural procrastination tendencies.

Stay tuned.

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