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Tue, 11 Oct 2005

Ancient Egypt and African Beats

As Tilly is learning about the ancient Egyptians at school we decided to take a trip to the British Museum on Saturday. It's probably about 25 years since I was last there. From what I could remember it looked like most of the displays had been updated. The biggest change is the rebuilt Great Court with it's amazing glass roof. We had lunch in the lofty restaurant there that had good food, but is not a cheap option, even with the on-line booking discount.

We had a great day. We used a couple of kids' trail books that they were giving away. These encouraged the kids to explore, although Dylan found some of it a bit boring He's just a bit young for this sort of thing. Those of you on my contacts list can see some pictures on Multiply. Of course we had to get a few things from the shop. I couldn't resist a little croaking frog like these to start my percussion collection.

On Sunday I was at the Secret Bass drum circle again. A different selection of people this time. We worked on some of the patterns I tried last week and did some more singing. I really need to get a drum so I can practice. It's a month until the next session, so I will probably forget it all. I did get to play my frog there.

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