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Thu, 13 Jan 2005

Scary stuff

Tonight I watched the scariest TV I've seen in a long time. Horizon was about a phenomenon I'd never heard off called Global Dimming. It seems that all this global warming we've been worrying about has been partly cancelled out by sunlight being blocked by all the crap we put in the air. Now that we put out 'cleaner' gas from our cars and power stations the dimming effect is lessening, but this means that warming may accelerate. There was a prediction of a 10C rise in the next 100 years! That is seriously bad news.

So what can we do? As individuals very little apart from making an effort to cut consumption of energy and goods. I try to do little bits like not using more lights than necessary and driving economically, but I do drive about 400 miles a week just to work, which is not really a good thing, but I'd struggle to find a comparable job nearer to home.

The politicians need to really wake up and do something. Air travel is too cheap and needs to pay towards the damage it does. Do people really need to fly that much? If it's this cheap they will do it more.

For the sake of our children we need to do something right now.

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Tue, 23 Nov 2004

I'm still here

Just in case my reader thinks I've dropped off the face of the earth, here's a quick summary of what's been going on. The main home PC is still playing up, so I've been using the Linux box some more. It's happily running Firebird, Thunderbird and PSI with added GPG. I'm learning a bit more about how to run a Linux box.

Since I am using IMAP mail and using web tools for links and news I am not tied to any one PC. That makes life easier.

I gained a further signature to my GPG key last week. The previous one made me part of the 'strong set'. This is the main group of users who are linked by mutual keysignings. This puts me just five steps away from someone like Linus Torvalds (creator of Linux). One of the latest links is to a site that works out the connections.

I bought myself a new case for the Palm from Brando in Hong Kong. Good prices and speedy delivery. This case should resolve the problems I had with the battery getting discharged when a button was accidentally pressed in my pocket. I also went for a new stylus with built-in pen. That's about as much hardware as I can afford at the moment.

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Mon, 01 Nov 2004

To any Americans

I don't generally do politics, but I would just like to ask any Usians who may happen to read this, please go out and vote in your election, but don't vote for Bush. That man scares me more than Saddam or Bin Laden.
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Fri, 29 Oct 2004

Someone jumped off our office building

I got in about 8am this morning and all was quiet. Around 9 I saw the Virgin air ambulance flying very close to us on the 19th floor. I looked out and saw a couple of police cars. The helicopter landed up at the Ace Cafe. Then a fire engine drove up that way. Eventually I went for a coffee and I was told that someone had jumped from the canteen on the 21st floor! I heard they landed in the River Brent, but that's not very deep. An hour later there is still some activity out there.
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Wed, 20 Oct 2004

Great Neal Stephenson Interview

Over at Slashdot there's an extensive 'interview' with one of my favourite authors. The questions were previous submitted and ranked by the site's readers.

He manages to give a multi-screen answer to just one question that is very interesting. The guy is obviously seriously bright. The answer to 'who would win a fight between him and William Gibson' is hillarious.

Ending are not his strong point and this interview does not change that.

I have most of the books apart from the latest ones if anyone wants to borrow.

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