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Sun, 15 Jan 2006

Film:Love Actually 4/5

This Richard Curtis film did quite well on it's release, but as usual we didn't get around to it. We were able to borrow the DVD and watched it last night.

It's a multi-threaded story of various people showing different aspects of love (sounds like a name for a musical!). There are lots of familiar faces there, but no main lead characters. This reminded me a little of Magnolia, including the way that the threads joined up at the end, but this was funnier. It doesn't get too sentimental and manages to stay fairly realistic. Not all the stories have happy endings.

It's a fun film overall. Heart-warming without making you cringe, apart possibly from one 'star' appearance near the end. Curtis seems to have just the right touch for these things.

There's not much to say about the technical quality of the DVD. The picture is good, but you don't expect much in the way of surround sound from this sort of film. There's a commentary and a few extras, but I haven't checked them all out yet.

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