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Tue, 22 Nov 2011


It seems I haven't posted anything hear in nearly a year. I'm just not finding the time lately. Fairly busy at work then come home and want to chill by catching up on what is going on around the interent. Lots of cool guitar videos to watch. This site invoves me taking a bit of time to compose and upload a post and I don't get around to it.

I'm still playing a fair bit. I recently did a track for the latest Six String Bliss album. That was a pretty simple track done a couple of very nice guitars, including this one. Recording was via my new, second-hand, M-Audio Delta 66 interface and Omni breakout box as featured 10 years ago in Sound On Sound. I picked these up on ebay for a fairly good price. I still haven't got it totally figured out, but it seems an improvement on my Zoom H4 with less noise. The H4 is still acting as my microphone and feeding the Delta from the aux out. I'm still using Ardour to record, and still have much to learn. The latest recordings are to be found on Soundcloud.

I've instigated an acoustic jam session at my local pub as I haven't been getting to the Plough session this year. We've had 2 so far and the response has been pretty good. Trying to build up the set of players gradually. News on that is via the Arlesey Facebook group as that reaches the most people.

Although I have not been active here I've really been getting into Google+. I like it a lot more than Facebook and am having good conversations there, but I can't see the Facebook crown moving over any time soon unless they come up with a real killer feature. You can find me here. I can easily post there any time, including from my phone. I'm still using the same HTC Tatto, but have upgraded it to 2.3 using cyanogen(mod). That's working pretty well and lets me use most apps. I don't feel a desperate need to get a 'better' phone. This does my podcasts, music, books etc.

I'll try and post here now and again in case anyone is listening. I like to have my own blog, but there are advantages to using certain social sites.

BTW I have a new GPG/PGP public key. I was inspired to create a more secure one. I haven't made a lot of use of the old one, but it's another thing I like to have. The new key is 0xFD6922AA. I'm happy to meet up and sign keys when convenient.

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