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Wed, 18 Apr 2012

Pastures new

I'm aware that I have been neglecting this site lately. Although I like the simplicity of the Pyblosxom platform the overhead of putting together a post means I don't often get the time to put something together.

I've been posting a lot of stuff that might have made it here over on Google+ as that is very quick and easy to post on. It's also fairly limited. You can't embed multiple links or even a Soundcloud player.

I wanted to post some stuff about how I make music that would emphasise the Linux side and so started a whole new blog using Google's Blogger. It's called Studio Spoon and already has a few posts. I'm getting a few hits, that I can monitor via the comprehensive stats page. I've been added to Planet LinuxMusicians, which is nice, but adds a bit of pressure. I intend to post about music in general, especially stuff I record. Anything that doesn't fit there may make it here, so feel free to keep subscribing.

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