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Fri, 30 Nov 2007

More toys

I've been trying out some more plug-ins for my Pyblosxom site.

One thing I still want to do is to get the site URLs rewritten to something shorter. The main page should really just be at I understand this means some set-up in Apache that I need to work out. There's other things to sort out when I find time.

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Sun, 04 Nov 2007

Fresh Py

Over the weekend I've done an overdue update on my site. I was a few revisions behind with PyBlosxom. This version doesn't offer any radical changes, but is supposed to fix some bugs. I've taken the opportunity to reorganise the directory structure to make future upgrades simpler.

I'm also playing with some plug-ins. I've had comments for a while, but only just set them up to email me updates recently. I'm not fully convinced that always works. I've also finally added one for static pages, i.e. pages that are not tied to a date. I intend to use these for things like saying something about myself and things I want to be always easily accessible. I've started with transferring a lot of the content from the right-hand side to a page linked from the top right. I'll tidy that up later. This should resolve an issue a friend was having in tracking links to his site. He was finding hundreds from here as my friends list appeared everywhere.

I still intend to generate my About page from my FOAF file when I find the time. I've seen some other places doing this, so I may be able to copy their code.

Big thanks to Will for his help in getting my static page working. He wrote the plug-in and is the main PyBlosxom man. We chatted on IRC to sort it out. I love the fact that you can have direct access to developers on free software. We found we had a common love of Philip Glass and I suggested he check out Steve Reich.

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Wed, 26 Sep 2007

Considering a change

I may have mentioned this before, but much as I like the simplicity of Pyblosxom, I sometimes wish for a blog system that made it easier to post and to change aspects of my site. For instance, I'm writing this post in a text editor and will then have to FTP it to the server. If I've missed out a closing tag or something I'll have to repeat the process.

One reason for using Pyblosxom was that I wanted to play with Python and I thought that I might write some code for my site, but that just hasn't happened. The software has been developed further, but I'm a little behind on versions. Someone has even written a new web front end, but that still may not be enough to keep me.

A few friends have been using Wordpress. Even though I'm not mad on it using PHP and MySQL, I appreciate that it will give me much more flexibility and make it very easy to change things. There seems to be a good variety of plug-ins for cool things like OpenID that I want to play with. Bigpresh set me up a site to play with on his server and I'm impressed.

So unless my fanbase (which may exceed that of Flight of the Conchords) objects I plan to move over to Wordpress soon. I may well leave the Pyblosxom site here to avoid breaking anyone's links.

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Wed, 28 Mar 2007

Comments Off-line

My comments are not working at the moment. I am trying to get the comment spam plug-ins working, but something is wrong. It's making use of the Akismet service, but gets a time-out when it tries to verify my key.

For reference, here are the steps I have taken so far to make comments work:

I'm making enquiries on the mailing list and may also try the IRC channel.

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Mon, 26 Mar 2007

Read-only Comments

The new comments system has already attracted a few posts from friends. Some have even been kind enough to test my anti-spam measures with some witty texts. Unfortunately they do not seem to be blocked, so maybe I need more set-up. This has also revealed a small problem. I don't have rights to delete comments as they are written to files whose owner is apache. It would seem that what I need is a password-protected web page that allows me to select comments for deletion as that should have the same rights. I shall look into how that could work. Pyblosxom doesn't really have any web interface for controlling it. You have to make use of SSH and FTP to update files. I could also do with something to allow me to monitor comments as they come in. There is email notification that I ought to try.

I gained a new toy today. It's an ancient (1999?) Toshiba T8100 laptop with a screaming PIII/600 CPU and a massive 128MB of memory. Hey, it was free. I have plans to use it as a media player on my network for streaming radio and possibly video. It's got Windows 2000 on it that I may keep for now as it would do for my Windows-only jobs of programming the home automation and the multi-remote. I'll still be trying out an Ubuntu live CD on it to see how it handles it. I suspect that something lighter, like Xubuntu may be more suited.

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Sat, 24 Mar 2007

Comments Please

As of now this site can accept comments. I needed a little help from Ryan on the Pyblosxom mailing list, then I sorted the rest by checking the log files. I've installed some anti-comment spam measures. We will see how effective those are.

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Fri, 09 Mar 2007


For some time I've wondered whether I should look at getting comments working on this site. I tried and failed on an older version of pyblosxom, but it may have improved since then. I would obviously have to investigate the anti-spam options. One problem with comments is that those who read the site via RSS will probably never see them.

So what do you think? Except you don't have a way to say here ;) There's the guestbook, or you can email me. Either you know my address or you should be able to work it out.

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Wed, 25 Oct 2006

Stuff to write

Just in case anyone is on the edge of their seat waiting for my next item (unlikely), this is to say that I do have a few things I want to write about audio software on a Windows PDA, travelling by train and other stuff, but need to find the time. It tends to take me more than a couple of minutes to write each item as I like to include some relevant links. I ought to find a way to automate things like links Wikipedia. I also want to add a wiki to the site, but mainly to hold semi-static information so I can easily update it. I'm playing with MoinMoin on my PC, but need to work out how to transfer it.

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Tue, 18 Jul 2006

Fixing my feeds

I've changed my feeds from and to use their utilities rather than RSSDigest. That has served me well for a while, but I'd prefer to get the feeds directly from the sources. The one is in the form of an image, but I can live with that. The one was doing the same as my category list and was shifted too far to the right in Firefox. I've fixed that for now by making the whole sidebar left justified. It's not as aesthetically pleasing, but at least everything fits on the screen now.

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Tue, 11 Jul 2006

Second Anniversary

My PyBlosxom has now been running for over two years. In that time I have not managed to do any of the customisations I originally planned. I still want to make the sidebar links come directly from my FOAF file, even if that technology does not seem to be taking off. I also intended to convert the old Postnuke data to something I could display here. I did some initial playing around in Python. It's just too easy to waste time idly surfing. I have managed to get an exercise routine going and I spend some time on my drumming, but I would still like to do some programming for this site.

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