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Thu, 20 Apr 2006

Fixed the Book List

Further to my previous comment I managed to get the book list working properly with some help from the author, Will Guaraldi. The main problem was that the documentation on the wiki was out of line with the latest code. He's fixed that now. I've added a new item to my sidebar to show my latest books and links to the full list.

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Tue, 18 Apr 2006

Book list

I've looked at a few options for recording what books I've read. I have registeed with some on-line services such as LibraryThing and Reader2. There is also BookCrossing that can be used for similar purposes.

I've been writing reviews on this site for a while, but I wanted something I could control that would apply a little more structure, whilst making it easier to provide Amazon links that will benefit Gothic Mede Lower School if anyone uses them to buy a book.

I am currently experimenting with a Pyblosxom plugin called Booklist. This allows you to compile a list of books in a text file and will generate a nice page like this via a template file. I'm using his example template for now and have not quite worked out how to get the Amazon link to work, but I will investigate further. I've already updated the Python source code to get the book covers from the European site rather than the US one.

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Wed, 15 Feb 2006

Testing my feed

This is just a quick test to see if my feed contains the article bodies. I lost them after my recent upgrade. I found out last night that there had been an update since then to resolve this. I've upgraded again, so let's see if it works.
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Wed, 01 Feb 2006

Upgraded the site

It is long overdue, but I just upgraded my Pyblosxom installation from V1.0 to V1.3. I've not had any problems with what I had, but there may be vulnerabilities(?) in the old one and I ought to look at the new features to see what I can do to make the site better.

The installation went pretty smoothly. I just had to put the files in the right places on the server and edit the config file. For some reason the category list is not visible, but it is in the page source.

I really ought to do something about the URL that has all the CGI stuff in, but that is for another day. I suspect that changing it could mess up any existing links from other sites and probably those in Google, but it's a small price to pay. I'll look at it some time.

If anyone notices any other issues then please let me know.

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Wed, 07 Dec 2005

Help a school with your shopping

I'm sure lots of people are busily shopping on-line for Xmas. If you are then please consider helping out our local school by clicking through their site to get to the retailers. Just doing that will result in them getting a small percentage of each transaction at no extra cost to you.

Here's a link to the affiliate site. They do Amazon, CD-Wow and many others.

Happy shopping!

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Tue, 26 Jul 2005


Just testing a post via the web. Please ignore
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Mon, 25 Jul 2005

Ghosts in the Guestbook

In an effort to provide some method for people to give feedback on my site I added a guestbook using Ultraguest. There hasn't been much there so far until the last week or so when I've acquired several entries. I suspect that they may be a form of spam, but the service seems to block any links to whatever Viaga/gambling/porn sites they are trying to publicise. I did see one URL there, but it was not functioning as a link and I deleted it.

I ought to have another go at installing the Pyblosxom comments system as well as upgrading to a more recent version. I think I failed last time due to complications with Apache.

At home I am making an effort to exorcise the last Windows PC. There's an old machine running Windows 98 that the kids use for various web games and to play a couple of old educational games we bought. I was curious to see if Wine could emulate enough of Windows to get them working. I've tried one of them and it comes up with lots of errors about not having something to do with music and Google has not found me an answer yet. I was quite impressed that I can now run Internet Explorer, Outlook Express and Windows Media Player on Linux now. I don't really need them, although the company website has a webmail system that doesn't work as nicely on Firefox.

I had a small victory when I tried my Canon i455 inkjet with Ubuntu. There is no specific driver for it, but the BJC7000 one works quite well. Better than I had it working on Knoppix anyway.

We saw Madagascar at the weekend with the kids. It's a fairly typical Dreamworks animation in the style of Shrek. Technically it's excellent, but I prefer the sublety of Pixar films. I put a brief 'review' on Multiply.

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Thu, 23 Jun 2005

Pre-history of Bag of Spoons

Whilst reading about the new servers at the Internet Archive I thought I would check out what they had for my site. The results were interesting. They go right back to my early html fumblings of 3 years ago. I had forgotten some of that stuff.

At some point I am going to dump out all the stuff from my old Postnuke site into some sort of text/html so I can include it here for completeness. It's for my own reference even if nobody else reads it.

Coming up to date, I read this article at Leigh Dodds' site about giving people access to all your various web feeds. He's written a little generator to produce data for a FOAF. My first attempt did not work in the FOAF Explorer you can access from the top of the page, but after a short email discussion with Leigh I sorted this out. My FOAF now includes some details of sites I am registered on and RSS feeds from them. These are the same feeds I have on the site itself, but in a more semantic web friendly form.

I also found Blogdigger which lets you combine multiple feeds, but I haven't worked it all out yet. I'd prefer to do something on my own site so that I have control.

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Thu, 16 Jun 2005

One Year of Pyblosxoming

I just noticed that this version of my site has been up for a year now. I'll admit I started with ambitions of learning some Python so that I could customise the site, but have not done that yet. I think my version of Pyblosxom is a bit out of date. I ought to look at upgrading. I guess I could try running it on my home Linux box first. As always it's a case of finding the time. Well I did at least find time for 75 entries this year.
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Tue, 24 May 2005

FOAF Updates

I've made a few additions to my FOAF file. These consist of a few extra friends and some extra information about me. I'm taking a risk and putting my email address in there, but my spam filters should block any extra spam if the scum actually read these files. The easy way to see the file is via the link on my name at the top of the page. I'm still mulling over my plan to use the data on this page. I've found some Python that reads a FOAF and so just need to mangle it into the form I want and get pyblosxom to read it.

I anyone I know objects to having their name and webpage in my file then let me know. Your email addresses have been hashed, so you should be relatively safe from spam.

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