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Sun, 20 Feb 2005

Lack of updates

There's been some issues with the web server lately. It was relocated and in the process suffered a disk problem. So it's all been re-installed and gradually Lance is getting everything working again. Meanwhile I have yet to sort out secure FTP from Linux, so can only update from Windows. I need to do some more reading on SafeTP. I also ought to have another go at getting the web form for blog entries working.

I have just added Sweden to the list of visited countries in my foaf file. Maybe one day I'll make it to some of the other continents I haven't been to yet.

I recently made my first contribution to the wonderful Wikipedia. I spotted a mistake in the Keysigning entry. Since then I've set up a proper account on there so that further changes will be credited to me. I have my own entry there now. Yet another steevc page on the web. Googling that name returns lots of results for me on the first page.

I'm still awaiting my first guestbook entry. The PFGM one has had one comment, plus a couple of spams. It's always nice to get some feedback on what I do. On the other hand I know this site is just a vanity project. Nobody is going to come here for the latest news. My Multiply page is doing slightly better. I'm growing a community of acquaintances there.

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Mon, 25 Oct 2004

Really Simple CMS

I'd been thinking for a while of re-working the PFGM site from very basic HTML to something more maintainable. The old version was produced using the Mozilla editor. Most CMS like Postnuke are just too over the top for a simple site with mostly static content. Then I found CMSimple.

This uses PHP, but doesn't require a database. Infact it uses a single PHP file and all the content is stored in another file. There's a load of other files for things like the templates. Installation was just a matter of copying the files to the server and setting the appropriate attributes. Within an hour I had the basics of the site up and running and it can be seen here. I may play around with the templates to make it more individual, but the basics are all there. Once it's finished I'll set things up so that the domain points straight at it.

The saga of my poorly PC continues. Over the weekend I opened it up and removed large amounts of dust as well as modem and TV cards that were not in use. I re-seated the memory and some of the cables. Plugged it back in and it fired up first time! Unfortunately that may have been a fluke as it's back to it's old habits again now. As a stopgap I may move the drive to the current Linux box. It's slightly slower, but should be more reliable.

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Sun, 17 Oct 2004

More FoaFery

One of the blogs I read is by Danny Ayers who writes a lot about the semantic web subjects that I'm interested in. One of his projects is expanding the FoaF idea to cover pets. I think this is just a fun project, but I thought I may as well add it to my site. We've got a cat called Deedee who makes sure I get up in the morning. She now has her profile on the web. You can see it via the link on my name at the top of the page. I ought to add a nice picture of myself there, but I can't find one.
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Tue, 12 Oct 2004

Plink gives up

I had a button on my site linking to a site called Plink. All this site did was to read FoaF files and display the links between people and some of the other details in the files. Unfortunately the owner has had to take it down after getting complaints from people who objected to having their names on there. They are only there because someone they know has included them in their foaf file. It didn't give any personal details away. There's an explanation here.

Fortunately there are still sites like FoaFSpace and the FoaF Explorer linked from my name in the About block.

One of the things I'd like to play with on this site is generating the buttons and friend links down the right side from my FoaF file. This is what FoaF Explorer does. It involved me learning about XSLT to convert XML/RDF to HTML. I've had to learn a bit about XML for work lately, but it's useful stuff generally for understanding Semantic Web concepts.

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Fri, 24 Sep 2004

Feed Me!

For a while I've been wanting to pipe the RSS feeds from a few sources onto this page. I just found a tool that does the job quite nicely at RSS Digest. I've added my and Bloglines feeds so far. I just added Audioscrobbler, but it may not be working right yet. There are options to change to look of the feeds that I may play with some time.

BTW I got quoted over at Simon's blog for my idea about using Firefox's new live links to display recent links. Fame at last!

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Thu, 02 Sep 2004

Added a guestbook

I like to know if people have visited my site, but have so far failed to install the pyblosxom comments system.

I had a search around and found Ultraguest. It's free, has a clean interface and looks like it might do the job. Please make use of it. If it gets abused by spammers I'll have to take action, but we shall see.

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Thu, 12 Aug 2004

Another blog mapping system

Multimap seem to do some cool stuff. One of their developers has a blog where he posts the latest developments. The latest manifests itself in the new On the Map button on the right of the page. This takes you to a map of where I live, but also adds to their database of weblogs. You can select from other, more useful, categories including wifi hotspots. I just like to have lots of buttons on my site.
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Tue, 10 Aug 2004

Not much happening here

I've not added anything for a while, mostly due to being on holiday for two weeks. My web activity is mostly over at Multiply just now. I'm trying to build my network of friends and family there. If I have not contacted you then please drop me a line so we can link up. Then you will be able to see the family photos and other content that I am not making available to the whole world.
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Wed, 07 Jul 2004

Blogging via the web

This is an attempt to submit an entry via the pyblosxom web form.
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Mon, 05 Jul 2004

See where I've been

I read an article here about how to add details of countries and US states visited to your FOAF file. FOAF Explorer will use that data to draw a map with those countries and states coloured in. This is what I featured on the old site.

You can see my maps if you click on my name at the top of the page. I'm gradually adding to the file as I find interesting features.

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