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I've been interested in playing music for many years. I started with a cheap guitar, then took classical guitar lessons for a few years. When I was at Poly I got my first electric and did some jamming, but I've not done much in bands or played what I would call 'proper' gigs. I've made various experiments in recording on computers, but nothing I would want to give to others. Now I seem to have all the hardware and software I need. I need to find some musical inspiration.

In September 2008 I got an audition for a local covers band called Unforgiven, now renamed to The Barking Spiders, via the Muso Finder service. They seemed to like me and so I have been rehearsing with them since then. We don't meet every week and there are no gigs yet, but we are putting together a set. This has got me playing regularly again and learning more songs. I'm also trying to improve my techinique and may take some lessons.

I played with the Secret Bass drum circle and have made a few public appearances with them, but have put drumming on hold to concentrate on guitar.

There are some recordings that include me on my Multiply. Currently these are just jams and some experiments. I may put new recordings there as they don't limit how many files you can upload, but only allow listeners to stream.


My wishlist of gear I'd like to have:

Previously owner:

Software available on Linux for free that I may use:

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