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Sat, 11 Nov 2006

Herts LUG 20061108

Our LUG speaker this month was Rob talking about how he got LPI certified. He did pretty well considering he has a new baby and is suffering from a lack of sleep. I remember those days. He's 'flogged' it. There was also a general discussion about email and the problems of spam. Some of the talk about managing mail servers went over my head.

I didn't seem to write anything for the meeting last month. LordElph talked about how the GeoGraph site is run on Linux. He is also a fellow participant in the Open Streetmap project. He's mainly working on Baldock. I keep adding bits and pieces of places I've been, but haven't had the time to finish off Arlesey. It would only take a day to map the remaining streets, longer to do all the local footpaths.

Talking of Baldock, we were there in Tesco today and were having a snack in their cafe when we were joined by an old soldier who had been out collecting for the poppy appeal. He was a very sprightly 84 and had been at the Normandy landings among other campaigns. There can't be that many of his kind left. I am very much anti any sort of war as they are generally due to the failures of politicians, but I admire those who had to fight, regardless of whether they wanted to be soldiers.

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