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Thu, 14 Dec 2006

Herts LUG 20061213

Last meeting of the year and I think there were nine of us. Average attendance is up significantly this year. There was the usual chat and then Malcolm, suspiciously smartly dressed, gave a little presentation on the benefits of SCO Caldera Linux to ruthless corporate dictators. This turned out to be an excuse to commit serious violence on innocent manuals and CDs. Power tools were used. As a piece of performance art this was great fun. Certainly a nice way to end the year.

James (going to do your page soon?) turned up late after his Java teaching duties to make a rare appearance. This turned out to be very productive as he managed to get a wireless card working on Mandriva for someone whose name I either don't know or have forgotten.

The free timestamping service I mentioned to Ian can be found here.

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