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Thu, 10 May 2007

Herts LUG 20070509

Rob continued his demo of Blender. It's an amazing piece of software that I would love to have to time to get into. I would also need some ideas and some creativity to put it to work. I should dedicate more time to my higher priority of recording some music. The LUG was well attended and we were able to raise enough to keep our room for another year. Only one more meeting when we will have to put up with the smoke in the bar!

For those who have looked at OpenStreetMap before it's worth another look. They have revamped the map so that it looks much better now. There are two different renders of it, but the Osmarender one seems to keep more up to date. I added some local roads and they were visible the next day. There are also extra options on the user settings to record your location, so you can see who is nearby, and some notes about yourself. There's also a Users' Diaries page, but I can't see how to add my own. I hope to get my GPS mounted on my bicycle so I can map the rest of Arlesey this year.

I'll add a quick plug for my Suzuki GSX600F that is up for sale. I've been planning to get rid of it for some time, but it is now in full working order with tax and MOT. I'll consider any reasonable offers.

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