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Thu, 14 Feb 2008

HertsLUG 20080213

Malc gave myself and Rob a lift down to Stevenage through the fog. Lots of folk there. Interesting stuff was Mike's EPOS that James helped to get Ubuntu running on and David demonstrated some apps that he's been writing. One was a sort of remote-controlled presentation system that looks promising, but played up on the demo. I keep meaning to post my little Python scripts that I've written on this site in case they are of use to anyone.

I'll just include a few links to things that I brought up:

You can find my bookmarks at If you join then feel free to subscribe to my feed and I may well do likewise with yours. I find it a great way to discover interesting stuff. I'm into social sites that are actually useful and not too invasive. I did get a few people to join the Herts LUG Mugshot Group, but there's not much happening there are only a couple of us have active feeds. I may have another go at the Wordpress site that Dave set up. I may try and replicate the exiting site so we can see if it's worth migrating. Let me know if you want to play with it.

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